Within my role I regularly engage in providing supervision, mentorship and preceptorship which involves coaching, guiding, directing, motivating and influencing practice and the development of self and others. I currently undertake appraisals of staff focusing on their development needs both personally and professionally which are in line with the service and organisational goals. I am also a sign off mentor.

When I was ward sister, I was involved in the development of New Ways of Working and guiding staff through the implementation of these. For example, we developed how the ward round was conducted to ensure efficiency and improve patient experience. This change encountered resistance from staff which was overcome by engaging and involving them in the process to promote staff ownership which enabled staff to feel empowered and improved motivation.

The Productive Mental Health Ward was a project that I led on as a secondment which involved various changes to look at how service provision could be developed and streamlined to minimise waste and become more lean and efficient, with an end goal of improving both patient and staff experience. Each month I was required to compile and present a written progress report to the Strategic Health Authority.

More recently I have been part of the MSNAP accreditation process and focus group. This entailed me working both independently and as part of a team to evidence the required standards to achieve accreditation. I have also volunteered to be part of a working group to aim towards a paper lite service. I am a System One super user. I attend the system one optimisation meetings and cascade system one information to the team.

As a practitioner and in line with the Trusts strategic objectives and clinical governance I am keen to ensure that service users and their families/carers are at the centre of my practice. I am aware within the Trust; continuous improvement is a key aspect not only for service users but also for staff. I ensure my practice is evidence based by utilising Nice guidelines, the media, research and reflection to inform not only my practice and that of others in the team. I enjoy working with others as part of a team to share my knowledge, skills and enthusiasm in service development. In doing this I feel able to understand the needs of individuals recognising their strengths, skills and any areas of diversity. When I worked for Barnsley Memory Service they were in negotiation with regards to a further possible transformation in line with Care Closer To Home. As well as information disseminated by management, I proactively keep abreast with progress by accessing information on the intranet and attending staff engagement meetings. I then share any information I gain with the team in attempt to keep them fully informed and prevent speculation.